Spoortemonneetjes and more from Cycling Tubes

The start

A sturdy case for a cycling computer, how do you make something like that? After a creative moment Winanda and Tim went to work with used tubes (tires from track cycling bikes). The first case was assembled by hand. Not much later Winanda needed (bicycle) material bag. This would have been a lot of manual work. So Winanda bought a sewing machine and the first material bag was put together. 

Not much later the question came from Jaap, Winanda’s father, if she could also make a small wallet to use when riding. In a fairly short and powerful phone call between father and daughter Spoor the name “Spoortemonneetje” was born. (“Portemonnee” is Dutch for wallet, when combined with the surname “Spoor” and the diminutive “tje” you get “Spoortemonneetje”. That rhymes with “Leuk ideetje” what means “nice idea”). The first Spoortemonneetje was successful, there was demand, shortly after even more demand and a better machine, more products and an extra (heavier) sewing machine. After all these investments, the website was finally launched in 2019. In 2020 around 7 dealers came on board and the website was made international!


e90% of the tires we use come from the National Track Cycling Teams from The Netherlands and abroad! Frequently used brands are A.Dugast and Vittoria. In (track)cycling many tires wear out, they are punctured, damaged or worn out. Through our extensive network we receive more than enough tubes to work with. If you would like to have a product made from your own tubes, this is might even be possible! Please contact us for the possibilities. 

Nice Idea?

Sometimes we can and should think a little more carefully about the effect of what we do on our environment, where and by whom we make our products and what the impact on our planet and people is.

Spoortmonneetje products are made from used old, punctured or broken tires that can still have a second live. Materials that are otherwise seen as waste form the raw material for the Spoortmonneetje. Made in the Netherlands by adult hands under good conditions. That’s the way Spoortemonneetje wants to make the world a little better and brighter. Seeing happy customers with their unique (custom) product only makes that more fun. 

Spoortemonneetjenice idea! 

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